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Shingle Eater - the Original patented Roofing Tool shingle eater roofing tool made in USA

"Sometimes the weather is pretty rough when we need to get a roof job done. We were fortunate to pick up our first "Shingle Eater" about 20 or 25 years ago..."

Chris Rice, AMC Constuction Crew

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Our Shingle Eater™ is the original patented roofing tool. Our tools don't bend. Our tools don't break. There are no removable or adjustable replacement parts. Shingle Eaters' rugged, all steel construction ensures the highest quality, longest-lasting products on the market today. And, our patented ergonomic designs enable you to work in an upright or seated position, eliminating fatigue while increasing productivity. With many models to choose from, our complete line of tools will easily handle your most difficult roof stripping, tear-off and demolition projects.